Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Bloom Tuesday

Amaryllis Christmas Blub

First off I have to say THANK YOU to Google Picasa 3! That is the program I used to do this collage layout. The best part is it was FREE! I am sure most of you who have Google Blogger accounts have that photo program as well. If you don't have it go to Google Picasa 3 and download it.

Happy to bring you a Bloom Tuesday special from my garden. O.K. you got me..... my indoor garden. Surprisingly I don't have a large amount of live floral in my home these days. I am waiting to get my greenhouse built. I have a fetish with keeping things and just right so when plants get raggy.

I have had this Amaryllis Christmas Bulb since I blogged about it a few entries back. I am guessing it has been about 4 weeks. I have a 6 inch stem and the flower is starting to open. Loving watching this grow. If you are interested in this type of indoor flower you can purchase a kit at Home Depot or even Walmart for under $5. Why not get one now as they mark them down with the Christmas items. You can enjoy the bloom long after you have boxed up the Christmas Decor.

Enjoy your Bloom Tuesday!

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Bobbi said...

Love that sweet little flower, it's pretty.