Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Collection of Thoughts
Little glimps of what Fall looks like to me in the B.G. Garden. My walks in the garden are so peaceful and full of hope. I am ready for CHANGE in the garden. Funny to think just a few short weeks ago I was wondering when I would get that 'itch' for cooler weather. If that last extremely unseasonable hot Indian Summer day didn't do it the feeling came this morning when I woke up to find frost on the ground.

Frost damage this morning on my peek-a-boo plant.

Fall is here and just around the corner of the garden the pine tree is showing signs of winter.

This is my newest addition to the cat family. Jack enjoys following me around the garden as we take photos and play in the leaves with the other cats.

I am off to enjoy this Autumn Day. I have containers to clean and store in the potting shed for the winter. Hoping that you find your peace for the season.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Lovely autumn photos and I especially love Jack.

walk2write said...

Hi, Bren. Thanks for stopping by earlier. I like your photography way-y-y-y better than mine. Jack is a prime example of your skill. Have a great evening.