Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Welcome

Happy to bring to you a wonderful reminder that fall is here. I feel like I missed so much after being down with the flu for a week. I am praying that the month of October is a better month for me health wise.

We picked out pumpkins in all sizes a week ago. I insisted on getting our Jack O' Lanterns early this year because last year we waited to till the first week of October and the good ones were gone. Not to far from the 20 acres we own out in the country there is a farm family who display a wagon full of fabulous pumpkins, hay bails and corn stalks that they offer for sale. This year they 'upgraded' from the recycled coffee can to a black envelope style mail box attached to the barn to put the money for your purchase. How awesome is the honor system?!

I hope to encourage you to enjoy the fall as it arrives in your neck of the woods.

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I'm just saying: said...

wow, you have to get your pumpkins early!~
I hope you have a lovely fall. =)