Saturday, September 6, 2008

Teddy Bears in the Dry Garden

My Teddy Bear Sunflower Sept.1, 2008

I do believe we are on day 30 for NO RAIN! The garden is dry and I am tried of watering with fears my well might go dry. Maybe that is the city girl in me but the thoughts of having to drill a $5,000 hole in the ground doesn't sound exciting to me at this point in the year. One of the bloomers left in my veggie garden that I have let sit for the week is the Teddy Bear Sunflowers. These were planted from seed and grew to only 3 feet tall. They are bush form and I am happy I planted them at the end of each row of peppers. It is a wondeful show! I will for sure be using these in the garden next year after I dry a few of the seeds from this year.

I hope to get the last of my tomatoes done today and maybe some peach jam that I will share recipes in the next blog.
Enjoy the weekend and remember to keep PLANTING!
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