Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twittering all the way to BUFFA10

Today was a TWITTER kind of day in the BGgarden. Cold and cloudy in my neck of the woods with a forecast including more snow.  Great day to sit and do some research online. I first started by doing a hash tag (#)  #seed search.  With in minutes, I received a dozen responses with seed companies fellow Garden Twitters recommended.  Are you on Twitter?  Look me up at :

 Most of my free time today was spent sorting seeds from 2009 that were saved for spring 2010 planting.  Scanning through the catalogs I have received in the mail as of 1/7/10 and sorting through my container of plant tags I hope to reuse.
IF you would like to view the list of companies that were suggested on Twitter and Facebook please stop by my fan page at : BGgarden Fan Page

The link above is a great posting from last year where I blogged about ordering seeds. One of the wonderful things about blogging is that we can use it as a referance for later use.  Be sure to pay attention to comments left on this entry.


Today my greenhouse LITE up with excitement........ when I received and email invite to the Garden Blogger Buffa10 event. VIDEO AT : BGgarden LIVE

If you can't view this video please stop by my Garden Channel at Youtube : BGgarden LIVE .  IF you would like more information about the Garden Blogger 3rd Annual Event WITHOUT watching my silly little video please stop by Garden Bloggers BUFFA10 BLOG or email at :  
I can't wait till July 8 - 11!  Hope you will check this event out!


Tootsie said...

you always make me smile!

Cedar ... said...

A sure sign of spring when gardeners start sorting seeds! We'll be waiting a while of course but spring will happen eventually. My 40' flower box along the side of the house and the rock garden are the only gardens I have. I usually go to a greenhouse and buy plants. Your way would be a lot more fun!

Melanie said...

I wish I could go to the Garden blogger event. Your video made me smile :)

Karyl said...

I don't use hash tags with twitter but maybe I should start. This is my first year sincerely putting an effort into growing from seeds. It's been fun to research so far!