Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Green and Feathery

Shes not a perfect butterfly bloom but sure happy to she her after a week of battling the cold tempatures outside the greenhouse.  It has been quit the job trying to figure out the best way to keep the greenhouse above 50* without the help of the sun.  We haven't seen the sun for more then four days for longer then 3 hours.  A day (or at least 6 hours) of sun would be a wonderful event for the greenhouse.  Until the sun decides to show it's warmth I will make do!

Summer Favorite is doing great in the 55* January Greenhouse.

I love the color this Armayllis is share in the greenhouse with us.  It seems she is taking her time so I am moving her into the house so we can enjoy her bloom when it arrives.

The house is maintaining 55*F during the 20*F days. At night we have dropped to a low of 45*F on a 10*F clear sky night. I must say I am a little worried about this weekend where we are to reach this years lowest tempatures for a few days straight. Praying for some sun!

The Parsley is doing well as the Amaryllis takes her time.  I can't believe how quick the lettuce 'pops'.  Do you see the green in the right image in the collage?  That is a green sprout within 48 hours of planting it!
I was inspired to do this Friday Green posting from my dear friend Tootsies' Fabulous Fertilize Friday.  I hope you will stop by her link and check out everyone who participated in this days blog entry at : Tootsie Time 

Seymore - my shadow in the garden inspecting the new bird feeder we just put in the tree.
One of this years winter adventures is taking photos of some of the birds that find their way to our garden. I am so inspired by the wonderful garden bloggers who share such fabulous images like ; Philip of Dirty Theropy
I am not having much luck with the close ups but it could be that I shoot through the window. It could also be my shadow ( in the image above) who loves to follow me EVERYWHERE when I am outside in the winter garden. 

This Red Fellow was my favorite from today......  I have lots to learn so I'm looking forward to lots of practice this winter. 

Enjoy your Weekend!


Barbara Jean said...

Hi Bern.
Nice to meet you.

I appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment on Barb's Treasures. Hope you had a chance to visit my other blogs too.

I have not had as much time to write lately as life has become very busy, but I do enjoy it.

I'm off to see more of your blog.


barbara jean

Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Bren
Great photos. Hope your plants brave the cold. They all look pretty healthy to me. Especially love the cactus/succulent pot.
Hope you are having a nice weekend, Ev

Julie said...

I am so happy your flowers and plants bring you so much happiness during this season! So much snow! I can't believe the temp you must live at in your house! I have to keep my thermostat warmer, but I understand up north it has to be different. I am so sorry for your long periods of cold weather...REALLY cold weather.

Is that litle spiky succulent sedum angelina??? I saw I guy doing experiments with it once, and he stopped blogging, but I always loved how pretty it looks!!!

Stay warm!!!

Janet said...

Like your new format Bren. I can't imagine trying to keep a greenhouse warm on these frigid days and nights.
I have been taking some pictures through the window and keep getting 'ghosts' so I guess I will have to brave the cold and go out and wait ---I am trying to get bird photos.

Nell Jean said...

I'm happy if my greenhouse will just stay above freezing on the cold nights we've been having. I keep nothing that can't survive in a cooler environment. The tropicals are just kind of dormant and waiting for spring. Pineapple Sage and Pentas continue to bloom.

I hope you see sunshine soon.

L. D. Burgus said...

Iowa was very cold Friday night but we have sun today and hopefully you do to. It has warmed the frost off of the car and the trees. We are still at 3 degrees above, but that is a heatwave compared to what we have been through. Loved you cardinal shot.

Tootsie said...

hey lady...that kitty blends right in!!! lol
I am doing the happy dance that you are flaunting and having so much fun with the greenhouse!!! your blooms look great ...did ya slip into your camoflage and kill those aphids yet? lol
lovin it ....thanks for flaunting with me..

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Bren, I'm hoping your greenhouse made it through the weekend of low temps! (I did - barely!) ha. The cardinals are so beautiful... people are wondering if they're "redder" than last year. I'm thinking it appears this way because this year we actually have a lot of SNOW! (the contrast, I think) Happy 2010!

Slow Family Online said...

I'm loving your beautiful and amazing pictures of your snow-birds and all else in the garden! Just added you to my blogroll at Slow Family Online, so more people can see your lovely and inspirational work. Cheers!