Sunday, January 3, 2010

BGgarden Live

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! I'm totally excited here in the BGgarden to welcome in the New Year with a new YouTube channel at BGgardenLive.  ( ) I would like to invite you all to stop by my channel and become a subscriber or just stay on my follow list here at Blogger for all the latest video blogging taking place in my garden 2010.  IF you have a youtube account please comment so I can add you to my list to follow.

BGgarden Live ON YOUTUBE 

New Site - New Inspiration - LETS GROW SOMETHING!!!!  

Who Inspires You? 

You know I truly believe it is important to give CREDIT where it is due.  There are so many people we come in contact with in our lives that touch us in ways we sometimes don't even realize.  Today as I launch my new BGgardenLive Channel it is important to me to reconize the #1 person who has inspired me to KEEP THAT VIDEO ROLLING in the garden!  I have learn  so much in such a short time from my  Green Mentor who's  master pieces teach us simple tips for daily living that truly make a difference.  I want to give much deserved appreciation to someone who has inspired me in so many ways in 2009. I want to  celebrate my dear green friend Shawna at Gardening Nude who has recently been recognized for her talent to inspire to grow green in the Chicago Now Website.    I've added a link that I created to my side panel here on my blog as a token of my appreciation.  For it is Shawna I can bounce questions off of and look up to for growing in the Garden Network.   I hope you will click over and check this Chicago Lady out! Shawna - SUPER BIG (((HUGS))) from your friend in the BGgarden.

Can you think of  someone who has inspired you?  I would like to encourage you to give that person credit on your blog today as well.  I also want to ask you to bookmark my website at  because it is my goal in 2010 to continue to share all the wonderful things GREEN growing in my neck of woods by sharing my love for photography.

* I will be off for the week on a Photo Assignment and look forward to sharing new Images  January 11th!

Happy New Year 2010~


Mrs. E said...

Can't wait to see the photos you bring back!

Shawna Lee Coronado said...

You are so wonderful Bren. Thank you so much for your kindness and good words. I congratulate you on your hard work. Anything worth having is hard work - keep it up!More importantly, I believe in you and think you are doing a good job.

::hugs:: and lots of luck!