Monday, December 14, 2009

The Milk Market in Limerick Ireland

One of the highlights of my trip to Ireland last week was a visit with new friends to the Milk Market located in the city of Limerick.  The Limerick Market Trustees have been operating since 1852. Apart from the Milk Market, which will be undergoing a major remodel until 2010. , the market on Bedford Row, off O’Connell Street, every Sunday afternoon. 

Local venders line the street selling their fresh products to the locals. 
What a treat it was to witness first hand how to locals shop and what they grow.  It is hard to pick what my favorite booth was at the market.  Can you smell all the fresh flowers and breads? 

I wish I could have bought one of everything to take home with me!  Look at those brownies in the image in the bottom right.  YUMMO!!!!  Ireland rain was falling while we visited the market but it didn't put a damper on our excitement to see all these wonderful treats!

Carrots........ right from the garden!

Italian traders selling fresh cut lavender to olives,dips, breads, oils.... oh my! 

A favorite image from the Milk Market in Limerick, Ireland (above).  These wrapped treats were filled with homemade chocolates from a local trader. I was sure to pick up a few of these treats to take home with me. 
Hard to believe from all these images I just traveled 4,000 miles with no sleep!
I hope you enjoyed my trip to the market in Limerick.  Be sure to check out their web page with information about the history of the market at THE MILK MARKET.  


Stephanie said...

Oh yes I can smell the freshness - your photos tell everything! Limerick Milk Market is beautiful :-D

Janet said...

I love the open air markets in Europe. Always something fun!