Monday, December 14, 2009


In search of some GREEN during the Christmas season?  Then you have come to the right blog!  During the weeks before Christmas I have been visiting local nurseries and Greenhouse Center to share what they are featuring during the Christmas season.  During my trip to Ireland last week I visited a few Garden Centers to in search of what the Irish Gardener is doing for the Holidays. 

Just outside of Limerick : CURRAGH CHASE GARDEN CENTRE

A collage featuring a winter garden center much like what you would find in my neck of the woods.  The Irish in Limerick are in their winter season and most garden centers are working on preparing for the next planting season.  I had the chance to talk to one of the owners of the CURRAGH CHASE GARDEN CENTRE.   When we arrived they were working on some creative Holiday wreaths. 

I did find a great selection of containers and shrubs at this location despite the lack of demand this time of year.

I even found a Hypericum that was blooming out in the landscape center.  The Irish seem to be having some crazy weather this time of year like we are back home.  Luckily this center was not effected by the flooding that hit Europe a few weeks prior to our visit. 

 As I look at the images of flowers that were blooming and being featured for the Christmas season I realized that I didn't see any Poinsettia's while in Ireland. Much of the flowers blooming are what we use in spring planting. 

Containers filled with what is in season for the Irish this time of year.   Check out the hanging basket in the bottom right of the collage above; Just like mine at home only with flowers we would use in the spring in my area. 

We have more then the weather in common.... I loved visiting with the cute little bunnies they had on location.

Castles Everywhere..... Including mini castle designs used in home gardens.  I took some video of this peaceful landscape feature at CURRAGH CHASE GARDEN CENTRE.  

I hope you enjoyed what I have brought back to share with you from my trip to Ireland.  If you enjoy looking at Garden Centers and what they have to offer during the Holiday season please check out my other Holiday Green Tour Entries at  the link to the left.


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