Monday, December 28, 2009

Garden resolutions for 2010?

Yes... a question to consider now that the Holidays are passing by and the New Year is soon to arrive. In today's economy we need to think about growing for health and for necessity. Did you know you could grow enough food for yourself in a container? Did you know you can find peace of mine growing some grass ( I am talking the kind you walk in!) in a favorite container?  I practice what I preach.... I find peace in my dirt and I enjoy feeding family and friends with the treasures I grow each year.  My goal today is to inspire you with those green ideas.   I would like to encourage you to start THINKING now about about what you can grow in 2010.

New Year's Garden Resolutions 2010

Look beyond the weeds and find the blooms in everything you do.  Words to live by.... if you can do this it will make just about every situation in your life 'smell like roses'.  

In the image above I am holding a 'prize' heirloom Russian plum that was new to the this planting season.

I  look forward to sharing my 'square foot' gardening adventures after putting in two raised 4'x4' beds right outside my 10'x12' greenhouse.  We completed this stage of the 'Greenhouse Project in late October. I can't wait to share early spring planting ideas and the progress of stage 2 of this project.  I am eager to use the supplies I purchased in the fall for the additional raised beds for perennials and other edible vegetation. 

Learning and Share as we go in the Home Greenhouse. Check out my link to the right titled 'Bren's Greenhouse to see how it all began. In the short three months I have been using the greenhouse. we have learned SO MUCH!   I am super excited to start some new seeds this week as we welcome the new year and share them as they grow with you!  Are you INSPIRED to start a house of your own yet?  A group of local growers who recently toured my greenhouse project  have already begun plans for their own greenhouse projects. It is always wonderful to hear the stories of how we can INSPIRE one another to enjoy and live GREEN!  This is one of the true blessings in SHARING GREEN!

Expanding the ART of garden from my studies in new photography techniques that will inspire to look behind the color of the soft pedals.

Please be sure to share your goals as I did after being inspired by : Garden Variety  facebook posting asking to share Garden Resolutions for 2010.  I know Ms.Reimer would love to hear from you!  


I hope you will leave your URL so other can surf from my resolutions to yours for 2010.  Stop back later this week as I will be sharing the 2009 Garden IMAGES... a GREEN Year to remember!~ 


Susan Reimer said...

Thanks so much for the helping hand. Let's hear from more "resolute" gardeners, okay?

Angel with dirty fingernails said...

Its a great time to be reviewing gardening goals for 2010 and I think you have hit on the main ones. How about growing flowers that delight the senses but that need minimum care and no chemical inputs - iceberg roses, salvias, lavenders, and thyme. My good friend at The Alternative Kitchen Garden is looking at growing her own tea ingredients -
Thanks for the beautiful pictures on your blog, and happy gardening in 2010

Michelle said...

Oh, I have so many! Weeding early would be a good start. I tend to wait until weeds are out of control before I get out there!

Plant things soon after buying them instead of making them wait all summer. Perennials sit in their pots many months!

Buy less...yeah, that will happen.

katie jane said...

I love your photographs of your garden. This is good advice, growing in containers. My dirt is not so great and I'm not really into enriching the soil, weeding and all that goes into growing in the ground, but I can grow a lot of things in containers. Thanks for that suggestion!

Hey Harriet said...

Your garden photos are magical! We have a little community garden at the community centre where I work, so I'll have to explore your blog further to pick up some tips & ideas. Currently we just fumble along but we have fun doing so.

PS - It would be lovely to have you join in Shadow Shot Sunday :)

Shawna Lee Coronado said...

My garden resolution is to once again plant my entire front lawn with ornamental veggies - then use them to educate the world on how to feed the hungry. I can do it. WOOT!

Keep up the hard work Bren - you're doing great!


Shawna Coronado

Libby Murphy said...

You and those gorgeous photographs are so inspiring. Just wanted to say hello and hope that you enjoy a stellar New Year.
Happy Twirls

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I have good intentions rather than resolutions for next Summer, LOL, hoping that I can get a few of them realized. I grew some tomatoes in a bucket last summer so it really doesn't take much room to grow some veggies to help the pocketbook and healthy menu.
Happy Gardening to you in the New Year ahead Bren.
A Buckeye Buddy

Jean said...

I learned to garden in northern Wisconsin when I was a small child. I am now learning to garden in the desert. A huge change. But I can't do without my fresh veggies, so I'm gardening in containers. I have more control of the environment because I can move them around and utilize mini greenhouses where and when necessary. A lot of experimenting, but my resolution for 2010 is to grow most of my vegetables, one way or the other.
Thanks for the great blog - and Happy New Year!

Di said...

Happy New Year Bren and thank you for introducing yourself! May 2010 be a wonderful year of good health and much Joy!

Christine B. said...

I have been wanting a greenhouse for ages, yours looks just the right size for me, too. I can just imagine how much better my family would be eating if we finally got one. As for resolutions, one at the forefront would have to be enjoying the yard more with my kids.

Christine in Alaska