Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Bloomin' Christmas Tree

We need snow in my neck of the woods to finish the Christmas decorating outdoors.  Nothing like a fresh layer of sparkling white snow to add to the magic of Christmas.  One of the last places I have decorated this year for the Holiday is my Greenhouse / Bunny Barn.  Today I added some natural grapevine, pine rope with some ribbon to the entrance.  The door looks a little rough because it is a recycled door but I think the ribbon adds to the kick plate we decided to leave on the door. There is so much I want to add to this entrance landscape but remember we just completed this area in time for the winter to arrive.

Fertilize Friday for my friend Tootsie! 

Green - Green - Green
Lettuce is doing wonderful and tasting super yummy from the greenhouse.  The Naustrsium is now a YEAR ROUND favorite for my salads as it grows rapidly in random containers I sprinkled some seeds in.

SOON TO COME - Seedlings and new Leaves
I was super excited to return from Ireland to find that my rose tree had grown fuller and the roma seeds are now seedlings.  I might have some yellow mini rose blooms by Christmas ( upper left in collage).  I can't wait to share some of those herbs in the kitchen soon enough.

I know it doesn't look like Christmas with all these summer blooms spreading some sunshine in the greenhouse.  I hope you are enjoying the color as much as I am - this makes greenhouses in the winter time worth the extra effort needed to keep them running.
I think the next photo will be my BLOOM for FRIDAY....
Here we go again.... I KNOW ... PAPERWHITES!  These are in my greenhouse being paired up with Diamond Frost and the Lime Tree.  Can you ever get too much of the Paperwhites classy blooms?! Please be sure to stop by my dear friend Tootsies blog to see what others have blooming today.  It maybe snowing and not much blooming but there is always images to share from the garden archive.  Tootsie has inspired me in many way with my greenhouse experience. THANK YOU DEAR TOOTS!
What to read more about my greenhouse?  Check out the link in the right bar and click on 'Bren's Greenhouse'.  

MORE DECORATING TO DO .... only a few days left till the celebrations begin!

I returned to the house to find Jack had found a new place to nap.   Looks like he is thinking about getting into some trouble again... he likes to 'bat' at my bulbs on the tree.  Same on you JACK!


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Shirley Bovshow "EdenMaker" said...

Hi Brenda,
Really enjoyed your "fast action" Christmas tree. Man, you have so many ornaments! I stopped collecting a few years ago but have been tempted to begin anew by you. Bad girl!
Merry Christmas Brenda, you are a very special person.

Bren said...

THank you Shirley! That tree is filled with Garden goodies like birdhouses, glass birds,and other goodies that remind us of the garden.
Merry Christmas - blessing to have met you!

Anonymous said...

It was nice seeing all your blooms on such a dreary day. It was a welcome sight. Merry Christmas

Tootsie said...

can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!? this is fantastic Bren!!!
I wanted to do some paperwhites and forgot all about it!
your photos are just gorgeous your blog...and I am thinking I like the idea of the garden themed Christmas tree...I may have to slip into the garage and make myself some tiny birdhouses to put on a tree next just gave me a project!!! I have no kids this weekend as they are away ...and I need to keep busy or I will be sad and missing them...THANKS!
Have a great weekend...thanks for linking in today...see you around the web girlfriend!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hope you had a wonderful time on your vacation.
Looks like you may get your wish for some snow to help decorate.
Your plants in the green house are looking so good.
Happy Holidays to you and yours Bren.

Jen said...

Hi Bren
Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment today!
Looks like I could learn A LOT from you; and I need too. I'm not so good in the garden. :(

Darla said...

It makes me smile to see so much blooming/growing in your greenhouse I don't care what season it is!!! Love how fast you can decorate your tree, LOL.

Michelle said...

Your greenhouse must smell wonderful right now! Love the decorations too.

L. D. Burgus said...

It is so nice to see the things in your greenhouse. I am really impressed with your tree. It is lovely. This is the last year for all our lights as they have all faded out and new ones will be bought for next year. Your ribbons and birdhouses and nests and everything is so nice.

Bren said...

MR.Burgus - this year was my year to replace some strings of lights as well only when I went to purchase them they were sold out! SO ... I cut down on lights this year and everything is just fine. Merry Christmas.

azplantlady said...

How wonderful to have so much blooming in your greenhouse. I love your paperwhites. Our lantana outside has some light frost damage and has stopped blooming until spring I am happy to enjoy yours :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, Paperwhites are lovely, but I can't stand the smell! I almost fell back into their spell when I saw the bulbs half price at Lowe's. But I picked up a pot in bloom at Meijer tonight and peee-yew! LOL Now don't be overly inspired by my blooms on today's post. Those photos were taken a few weeks ago, before a hard freeze finally took them out.

Michela said...

Hello Bren! I wish I could send you some snow, it's all covered in white this morning!
Love your blog, very much!
Have a fantastic holiday season!

Anonymous said...

You have your hands full with all of these plants. I don't have much green showing now. We got more snow overnight and some more expected today, Saturday. I like your blog and the way you have laid it out. Nice work. Neat photography.

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Bren, to see you growing salad greens warms my heart! I need a greenhouse! They look beautiful (and delicious), too! Ooh, I love paperwhites!
Thanks for popping by the blog ;)

joey said...

Lovely photos, Bren. Your greenhouse was a great investment, bringing you (and your fans) great joy.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Bren,
Your header and a couple other photos didn't show up for me. I'm at my parents' house, using their internet. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, though.

Your lettuce is lovely, as are your blooms. I saw some paperwhites where my daughter works as a floral arranger, and stuck my nose down to smell them, as I'd read on blogs how some think they smell good, but most think they stink. Well, my nose had them in the strong, not so great odor category.

I hope you get your snow. It sounds like it is snowing in places where it doesn't much.

Bren said...

Sue - THANKS for stopping by my blog! I just posted the snow we got in the blog above this one. As far as the header... I just tried my blog in 4 other browsers and it worked fine. Not sure what the problem might be on your end? Thanks for letting me know however.

I hope you have a wonderful time at your parents! Merry Christmas

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I just adore your Christmas inspired metamorphosis.

Be merry and bright!