Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treasures and Blooms on Tuesday

Today was what is normal classified as a typical Ohio Autumn day.  As the trees become naked and the wet grounds take on their coat for the winter I went on the trails in search of some old treasures.   I knew I had left some willow furniture out in a hide away play ground that was once where the children imagined their own world.  Today the furniture sits as it did a few years back just waiting to be admired.  Today is the day it will be discovered.  As I uncovered one of the chairs Kink Kitty joins me on this treasure hunt.

Treasures uncovered on an Autumn day.

I have the perfect spot for this BGgarden chair.  It is going to be the center attraction for a Video Blog I am working on.  Stop back to see it's dubute!

Happy Bloom Tuesday

Today's bloom comes from the greenhouse.  I am super excited to see that some of the lantana and citrinela plants I dug out of the ground and chopped 'way back' a few weeks ago has new growth on it. 

The little blooms on a Bacopa Snowtop ( I am super excited!) 

I hope to blog the GREENHOUSE PROJECT later this week so I can show you the house we added to the garden.   Happy Bloom Tuesday Everyone!  


Janet said...

You have a greenhouse? How great!

Bren said...

YEs I do Janet - I and I hope to blog a bunch of information about the construction of that house very soon on BLOGGER. I can't wait to share but I just haven't had time with AUTUMN arriving so soon.
THANK YOU for stopping by! Happy Autumn.

azplantlady said...

Hello Bren,

I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your chair.

I am glad that your lantana are starting to leaf out. They are some of my favorite plants. They do very well here, but suffer frost damage in the winter. We just cut them back in the spring and they grow back so quickly.

Marcelle said...

What beautiful photo's with this entry....I should get out with my camera more over this time of year as it also looks so beautiful here in Germany.

Odette said...

i can't wait to see your green house! aside from the structure, i am interested to see what's growing in there. oh, i am so envious coz while i tend to my flowers and crops in FT, you are enjoying the REAL one!!!
keep blooming!

Shady Gardener said...

Hmmm. A greenhouse and a beautiful chair. You've been having a wonderful time. Will look forward to your post. :-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great looking chair..and that Bacopa looks pretty happy in your greenhouse:)

Bren said...

I know it is ONLY Bacopa but I am just so happy that something is growing when it is a low of 30 tonight in my neck of the woods!

Jen's Journey said...

Looking forward to reading the greenhouse project! I know you are so excited to finally have this!

My lantana needs help :( Please come help me Bren! LOL