Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Search of Fall

Between the harvesting of the tomatoes and plenty of late summer dead heading I was able to find a few hours to venture out of the garden in search of some new fall planting.   I do believe that most people who enjoy their Home & Gardens forget that FALL  is one of the most beneficial times to plant perennials.   My theory is backed up by the absence of availability of fall planting in most greenhouse locations.  The fall themed plants are available through companies like Proven Winners but the majority of retailers in our area seem to have missed that memo on the trend of fall planting. Once again large 'Home and Garden 'retailers are winning the fall market with their large selection of traditional fall mums and and other perennials.

One location to find mums was out at the Country Compound in Swanton, Ohio.  Which just so happens to be owned by my niece who just started a Greenhouse business last spring.  All thought she doesn't care the P.W. Fall collection she has plenty of PERENNIALS that are ready to be planted this season and a WIDE SELECTION OF MUMS. 

Jens' Greenhouse has some wonderful summer finds just ready to liven up your garden.  I took home a few mums to start out my fall planting purchase frenzy!   You know this is only the beginning for me and my fall garden buys.

From September 4 - 12 you will find Jen and her COUNTRY COMPOUND goodies across from the Fulton County Fair.  This is one of Ohio's largest county fairs. Be sure to stop by her stand and see what she has to share with you this fall.   
Signing off for this Thursday because I am taking my search back on the road again tomorrow.  I hope you come back and see what FALL I find.  
Happy Gardening!

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Anonymous said...

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the nursery retailers don't miss a beat. Shelves and benches are stocked and ready for the "Le Tour de Plants" a week-long promotion put out by the Oregon Nursery Association. Maps and coupons are given to plant geeks like myself in hopes that we'll trek off to various participating nurseries to resume the hunt for that special something. Usually there are freebies and reduced prices to be had. Last year, a local nursery offered a free tour of two large scale wholesale nurseries in the area. We were even served lunch under a cloudless sky. Many Oregonians claim Oregon is the gardening capitol of the world. I'm inclined to agree. We're so spoiled.