Friday, September 25, 2009

FRIDAY Fall Planting Thoughts

A garden cart full of fall plantings wait for me in the stone driveway so I need to do a quick post to share so I don't fall to far behind in the blog world.

Greenhouse Report

Top photo on the right of the collage above shows the foundation of the greenhouse being tamped before construction.  The shed is complete and the greenhouse to be attached soon.  I felt it was important to attach the greenhouse to a heated structure that you would walk through to enter.  I am hoping to use this greenhouse year round so we will see if this will be a beneficial decisions.   Recycled windows and entry door were used from our home remodel in the shed.  Next GREENHOUSE REPORT will have photos of the structure. 

There are many new mums being planted and old ones that were cut back in early summer that are putting on a fabulous display of Fall in the garden this morning.  Grace is enjoying some newly planted Leadwort.  I love the deep blue blooms on that low growing perennial.

Tiarella and Red Rooster - ornamental grass
I think they look wonderful together but not a likely pairing due to their sun preference. These are a few of  the new perennials I have adding to the garden this fall. 

I have had this water Dropwort in a terra cotta pot for the summer and have decided to plant it in the garden.  We will see if it puts on a wonderful show in the ground like it did in the pot! 

The Rose of Sharon has been blooming since mid-July.  I am loving the cooler weather blooms this hardy shrub is hosting. 

It is a wonderful time of year and I hope you are able to get out in the dirt and enjoy this time as well.  See you next week with some more thoughts and photos from Fall.

Happy Friday!



Mrs. E said...

I love your greenhouse--and am quite jealous! I need to put out some fall plants. You've inspired me!!

Odette said...

wow, a green house! i am excited to see more wonderful plants you can breed there.
oh, we are having a storm here,Bren. the eye of the storm will hit land later this afternoon, but right now we are having non-stop rain. actually its been raining the whole week sporadically.

Mary Delle said...

A nice fall post. Great to read. I love the Rose of Sharon, also.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bren what a wonderful surprise that your Rose of Sharon's are still blooming.Mine bit the dust a while back. Your new plants are wonderful. This is a busy time of year for fall planting. Have fun and I hope you got them in before the rain moved in.

donna said...

Your very own greenhouse. How lucky can a gal get? I see that Grace is also enjoying the glorious fall weather.

joey said...

Hi Bren ~ you must be so excited about your greenhouse! I'm so happy for you ... I've often dreamed of one but, alas, since owning the cottage it became still a dream. Also happy to have a moment to check in ... as you might know, my summer has not been one of my dreams. Back for a bit although don't know how long I can keep up ... for the time being, I'm happy. Happy Autumn, dear friend.