Wednesday, September 2, 2009

30 Second Wednesday

It is amazing what you can 'snap' to share in 30 seconds out in a garden.
Cleome, Barberry Bush, Dark Potato Vine, Variegated Geranium, Dark Heuchera, and some bumble bee lovin' Agastache all in 30 seconds.

Happy Wednesday and Thank you for stopping by my Garden.


Mrs. E said...

I'm loving the purple!!

darsden said...

awesome concept too, love it! Beautiful Flowers as usual!!

Shady Gardener said...

Cute idea! I'm not ready for a 30-second time frame yet... my camera and I are just now getting used to each other! ;-)

Lindalou said...

Came over from Mamma Mia Days. I'm in Michigan and wanted to check out your garden. I love all your tomatoes and I read through your canning primer. Next year, I hope to be canning tomatoes again. Thanks!

cherry said...

Hey Miss Bren I wanted let you know that your blog link is not showing up in the google followers it shows your picture, profile info and the sites you have joined but not the link back to your blog.
I posted info on how to fix it on my blog this morning as mine was not working either.
hugs, Cherry

donna said...

What a lovely purple/green collage. And all in 30 seconds, amazing. I can't get my camera turned on in 30 seconds.