Saturday, August 15, 2009

Easy Hibiscus Syriacus Weekend

The Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon) has always been one of the first flowering shrubs to add to my landscaping in both homes we have owned. It is a symbol of home to me because the flowering bush brings back wonderful memories of my child hood home. My parents had a single white flowering Rose of Sharon next to the front porch stair case. The beautiful shrub is the background to many of our back to school photos my Mother would take as we left for school each year. When my Father passed away 1o years ago my Aunt dug up that 30 plus year old bush and it survived the move. AMAZING! I do have a White Double Blooming Hibiscus in this same tree lining the back of the house. I think the bush does it's best out in a treeline where it can grow wild. However this shrub line in the collage is on the West side of my home where the windows are high and this bush fits perfect.

One of my favorite Rose of Sharon blooms comes from the Violet Satin by Proven Winner. The collage above features this shrub that was added to the BGgarden 2 years ago. It provides a wonderful backdrop of color near my country garden swing. This shrub is known for easy care and does best in zones 10 - 5. The biggest problem I have with this bush is keeping the Japanese Beetles off of it. This bush in the collage above has been dusted to prevent attracting these unwanted pest.

Today as I walk the gardens to snap a few shots with my little Fuji FinePix sweet little Oppie threw himself at my feet numberous times. Finally I had to stop to give this little guy some must needed attention. He was such a trooper following me around the dry and very humid garden this afternoon.
Perhaps this will be my favorite photo of the week. The delightful Joe Pye Weed in full bloom with a 'mystery' butterfly enjoying it. This native perennial in my neck of the woods stands well over six feet tall. I have seen many of these butterflies this late summer but not many of the great Monarch. I can't help but wonderful where have they all gone?

Enjoy the Weekend Dear Garden Friends!


Michela said...

Hi Bren!
Such lovely memories about your Ibiscus!
Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog and for becoming a follower! I don't mind at all!! You're welcome everytime!
And you have a lovely blog too!
Happy Sunday!

Janet said...

I like the Violet Satin! I have a Blue Satin...did you notice it on the Bloom Day post? Rose of Sharon are really reliable old fashioned shrubs.

Mrs. E said...

Your photography is as amazing as your garden!! I like the fact that we associate childhood memories with the flowers of our childhood. (I do that, too!)

darsden said...

Beautiful, you know I am going to come over and visit when the hot biscuits are being displayed. And wonder tribute to a Pastor Sharon :-) for me as a referance. Flowers are just beutiful.

Bren said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bren~~ Ah, two of my favorite August-blooming plants. The bumblebees are crazy about the Joe Pye blossoms [as am I] and I love the tropical look of the Rose of Sharon.

I'm amazed that the 30 year old plant survived the move. That must have been some feat.

Happy gardening to you too.

Bren said...

I know Grace - If I would have known it would survived I may have taken it. :-) Thank you for visiting!

The Consummate Gardener said...

H. Syriacus doesn't do very well down here in FL, and it's one of my favorite all time flowers. I grew one from seed, and have been keeping it alive for when I move further north. I'm probably going to GA., and they grow great there! What I absolutely love about them is that their seeds don't come true, and you can get all sorts of colors. Mine is the standard pinkish purple, but once I get where I'm going, I'll buy a white and let them cross breed. Save me some seeds from yours, and we'll swap!