Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tag by Shutter Sister

I recently found Shutter Sister blog at one of my favorite photographers sites. I decided to play along with their tag game. ONLY..... I will leave it up to you to play along. SO GO TAG SOMEONE! This is me after midnight tonight playing along. I can't put my Midwest Living Magazine down. They have a great article on Spring Bling - Bulbs to try this spring. WONDERFUL article for my garden friends.

How to play the game:
1. Sit down.
2. Take a picture of yourself right now. don't primp, just snap one!
3. Upload it.
4. Tag 3 people to do the same.
That's all!

I'm bending the rules a little bit because I am tagging ALL those who want to play along.

Grab your camera, sit down and click a shot of yourself, get it up on your blog or at Flickr and leave us the link. We want to see the real you, right here, right now.

1 comment:

tracey said...

this is an adorable idea for a self-portrait! thanks for playing!

and thanks for the comment on my blog. it made my day. : )