Monday, March 9, 2009

Planting Thoughts on a Rainy Day

The rain on Sunday was quit refreshing. It made it easier to sit inside and collect some information on planting. A day filled with an empty 'to do 'list is very inspiring. In between rain drops I ventured outside to take some photos of the buds and new sprouts I had noticed on the sunny day yesterday. I love the rain drop stuck on the daffodil leaf. I learned so much from reading and chatting with some of my garden friends on rainy day Sunday. I do believe I touched base on every type of seed starting from the scientific detailed filled seed research to the hillbilly techniques of planting ( thanks Jen in Swantucky!)

A few of my favorite books in my garden collection library
.Martha 101 / Better Homes and a great book by Richard Bird

One of my favorite books that I use yearly is by Richard Bird / 'growing fruits and vegetables'.
This Sunday I am focusing on the chapter about Tomatoes( Lycopersicon esculentum). I have some heirloom seeds that I am anxious to succeed in growing on my own. One of the key points about growing tomatoes / growing under glass is to sow the seeding mid-spring in a very gentle heat or an unheated greenhouse. As soon as the seedlings are big enough to handle, prick out the seedlings into individual pots. ** I need to check my seed packages to see the germination time with hopes that I might be able to start these tomorrow. ( HAPPY!!!)

More rain tomorrow so plenty of time to get organized in the seed department.

Tonight I was able to get outside and comfortably enjoy some yard work. My job was to trim back some Rose of Sharon bushes I have along the back of our home. This was one of the jobs I didn't get to last fall mostly because these bushes were still blooming in November. IF you would like to read more information about this beautiful tree /bush please visit the ABOUT dot COM webpage.

I was contemplating pruning my Hydrangea Oak Leaf because it is huge but was advised not to. Here are a few photos of these bushes and what is to come this season.
Pruning today so we can have beautiful blooms this summer!


Gardeness said...

We're getting rain/snow so I've also busted out the garden books. It's nice to plan and dream. The photo of the drops of rain are wonderful.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

How fun to get everything planned for your seed starting! I love the planning almost as much as the planting.
I love your pictures. Oakleaf hydrangea are one of my favorite blooming shrubs. Lucky you got to get out and get some cleanup done! :)

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hello Bren

Your blog is a mine of info. I've just been clicking through the art of canning bit.

Do your Oakleaf Hydrangea get a lot of sun? I'm thinking of planting some in quite a shady place.


Darla said...

Oh, it's going to be beautiful!

Janet said...

I love the anticipation of what spring and summer brings.

Bren said...

ROB - here is more on my Oakleaf that I think may help you. You can find it at one of my early blog entries :

Thanks for the kind comments fellow Gardeners.

Dirt Princess said...

My best friend just gave me that same Better Homes and Garden Book for my birthday. I had never seen it before. It is great book. Hope you have a wonderful day

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You are so organized!The blooms are gorgeous! I hope they'll do just as well--even better!--this year! I don't have hydrangeas; the oakleaf shrub is beautiful, the flower is very pretty indeed;-)

RainGardener said...

Your pictures are great and the garden in your header is beautiful. I could be so lucky to have mine look like that! I've been looking at pics in magazines too - and dreaming.

So blessed! said...

HOwdy Bren,
Thanks so much for the sweet comment. I love your blog too. You have some lovely photos and some great info you share.
Will be back! Have a blessed day!

Reader Wil said...

I wished I lived next door to you, then you could give me some advice on my garden, which is probably smaller than yours. Thanks for your visit and compliments!

Lora said...

Hi Bren! Imagine finding a fellow Sparker here on blogspot! I loved your blog!