Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time to Think about Seeds

This is the time of year to start checking out the new seeds available for the summer garden. With so many new varieties available this year for home gardeners these days one has to be organized. About two weeks ago the local home stores and nurseries started putting out the seed displays. One of the top seed providers in my area is by Burpee. Have you seen the new Heirloom collection by Burpee? I was impressed just because they had my Brandywine Tomatoes I was searching for online. It was a great find to see them at the local Lowes Home and Garden Store on display.

Waiting for me to get motivated to start my planting project is my bag of organic soil and some peat pods containers. The peat pods are labeled as the most biodegradable way to plant. When it's time to transplant, set pot and all into the soil. Made of peat and wood fiber with soluble fertilizer added. The perfect choice for all your seedlings. I had great progress with these pods last year with the few plants I started on my own.

My list of herbs / veggies to begin indoors this weekend are list below:
Sweet Basil Organic
Basil, Sweet
Basil, Lemon
Greek Miniature, Organic
Parsley, Plain (Single Italian)
Oregano, Greek
Mesclun Early Mix

This is the miniature rose blooming in my kitchen window this week. I want to close out tonight with this warm photo. Using this cold weather months to get organized for a productive and successful garden year.


spookydragonfly said...

Hi Bren, I enjoyed my visit! Love your rose capture, I wish I could have indoor plants, but my five indoor cats won't allow that! I see we're in the same zone. By the way, Gracie's last photo was adorable! Thanks for stopping by my woods!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I've been gathering my seeds and will begin the seed sowing process very soon. I can't wait! What a thrill it is to put those little seeds in the ground and watch a plant emerge and eventually bloom!

flydragon said...

Hi Bren,
Since I also live in NE Ohio, I thought I would pay you a visit. You seem to know your way around seed starting so I thought you could answer a question about starting Tumbling Tom tomatoes. When?? Thanks, for the help.

Bren said...

Tumbling Tom tomatoes - I have never grown these in my garden but they remind me of the new Patio Tomatoes I have grown in the past two years. They need about 70 days to mature so I would start these seeds no later then the end of March. In zone 5b we can usually get these starter plants in the ground around the end of May. YOU KNOW they love the heat of summer so I would push it back a week or two after Mothers Day beating that ol' wives tale.

Connie said...

Love the color on that mini Rose! I have seed boxes everywhere, trying to sort and organize. I have been doing winter-sowing for a couple of months and will soon start seeds indoors, and then in the greenhouse.
Have enjoyed a browse on your blog, and your lovely photos.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Bren, looks like you are about to get busy there. I got Brandiwine tomato seeds too.Never tried them before so I am anxious to taste them.I know I have to get them to grow first. :-) Always thinking ahead of myself. Your rose is so pretty. Roses in winter is a good thing.

Kerri said...

It's almost time to start a few seeds here too. Ah, to watch something grow again! Your rose photo is so beautiful!
Your cats are adorable, and that photo of Gracie is just so sweet :)
Glad you visited and enjoyed our kitties. Nice to 'meet' you :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Bren, Up here in Minnesota it is still a little early to start seeds..
Your photo of the rose is wonderful, such a pretty color:)

Thora said...

Hi Bren, A very timely reminder! How wonderful, all the different kinds of Basil you intend to grow, my absolutely favourite all time herb. You've inspired me to pop down to the garden centre this weekend, to see what's on display!

The Army of Four said...

I REALLY want to do more in the garden this year! I especially love having big pots of herbs on the decks. Unfortunately... Zim really likes that, too. Especially basil. :)

Catherine said...

Happy 'Seed Time' indeed Bren!!
I to am getting ready to start some seeds! I love Brandywine tomatoes too, I start them from seed every March, but have yet to find the heirloom variety~green zebra!:( Love your collage..& the min. rose is a beauty~gorgeous color,& beautiful capture of it!
Happy Seed ~planing~planting time Bren!! I share your enthusiasm & anticipation!

Dee Sparks said...

Loved catching up and the Burpee display by me everything was marked 50% off even though they were current for the 2009 season!!

That's where I found the brandywine and I did plant the seedlings last week. Had to go visit with family and hope they are ok as I'm used to checking in on them daily but haven't seen growth. I'm soooo rushing spring!!

So blessed! said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your blog is lovely. The header picture is just gorgeous. I don't know a thing about gardening, but I feel sure I would learn something if I stick around here.
I'll be back!