Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My thoughts on AGASTACHE

As the winter rolls on here in my garden I am reminded of all the work that can be done even before the ground is thawed and we can begin to think of planting. Pulling out my notes from the years past, flipping through the new seed catalogs and enjoying the photos from gardens past all help me prepare for the planting season to come. This year WILL BE the best show ever in my garden.

One of my favorite perennial catalogs this year comes from Bluestone Perennials out of Madison, Ohio. Tonight I want to share with you my thoughts on Agastache - blue bee.
close shot of Agastache / mystery 1 gallon I brought home from the greenhouse in 2007.

You can add this variety to the flower beds or in a containers... I have tried both. These photos are from my garden in 2007 - 08. The better the drainage the happier the plant. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, with wonderfully mint scented foliage. A customer advises us that her Goldfinches are wild for Agastache seed and I would like to note that the bees love it too! Each year it has gotten fuller by the second year I have been able to divide this garden favorite.

Most will self sow to spread, so deadhead to prevent seeding. They suggest trimming the perennial back in the fall after blooming but I do it in the spring during spring clean up time. I have yet to see any seedlings as the Bluestone webpage suggests.
I will take better detailed notes this year.

This year on my Bluestone order list I have included the AGASTACHE Purple Pygmy : Hyssop, Bubble Gum Mint, Hummingbird Mint . Check out the information at that site by clicking on the variety. IT is breath-taking in the photo they provide. I love the Agastach so much I can't wait to see what this hot pink variety will provide my garden. I ordered 3 cuttings.... they are due early spring. They details say they bloom from early summer till fall. CAN"T WAIT!!!!

This summer love sure does look like a 'annual' I picked up at the greenhouse I worked at last year. Check out the photo at the highlighted site and look at my photo below?! I am super bad at keeping some of my flower tags after purchasing flowers from time to time.

I did have the tag and from what I could read from it because it was in the ground all summer was that it was hardy in zone 3-6. I am hoping I had enough mulch on this beauty so it comes back next year. I am in zone 5b.

Look at sweet little Gracie kitty loving the summer on the Garden swing... can't wait till summer!


Kylee said...
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Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

Bren, I love the Agastache. It reminds me a little of the Veronica (Austriaca Veronica spicata) that I planted a couple years ago- I just love it. Mine is bluer and not as fuzzy on the spikes, but it gives that same vertical charm. I have mine planted right in front of my Iris and the blue of the flowers brings out the bluish hue in the Iris leaves- just lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way! Love the cute kitty! And as usual, happy gardening!

My Mother's Garden said...

Gracie is an adorable kitty!
I, too, love the Augustache plant...especially the way it smells when you brush by it in the garden. Sad to say it never lasts through the hot and humid Florida summer.
Looking forward to seeing more pics of your garden!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment today!

garden girl said...

I have some agastache planted a couple of years ago. I love the height and spread of them, wish the blooms were a deeper color though. Mine are in a mostly-shady bed but still bloom like there's no tomorrow. The blooms last forever, and bees and hummingbirds are crazy for them.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I really love Agastache. It's become one of my favorite perennials. I've never tried dividing it, and think I will do so. I haven't seen the varieties you shared, I only have blue. Very pretty!
I have a Gracie dog :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Gracie knows how to get the most from life;) I enjoyed this post because I am doing some research into different varieties. I love agastache too. I only have one variety (4 plants), Blue Fortune. So far (knock on wood) it has been very reliable and has come back strong for 4 years in a row. Blue Fortune is a sterile hybrid and does not produce viable seed. This year I plan to add a couple other varieties probably from Bluestone. I have been warned they will not be perennial so I may have them only one year. We'll see.

Shawna said...

I love Agastache and have a few in my garden. They do best in dry areas in my opinion.

Smells WONDERFUL too!

joey said...

Hum ... food for thought, Bren. I've never grown agastache and, I agree, a stunning photo in Bluestone. Don't you love the longer days? It won't be long :)

Mo said...

Thank you for visiting me over at Greend Desert. I will certainly be back to visit your beautiful blog, and garden again! :)

Gail said...

Hello from a midwestern girl living in the south! i am trying agastache for the first time...well, I added it last fall...we wait to see if it likes the garden! We shall be surprised about the color, too! Your kitty is adorable~~thank you for your kind get well wishes today! gail

Renie Burghardt said...

Love your flowers, Bren. And your little Gracie is adorable. I have a Gracie girl as well. Will have to take her picture.

Hugs and blessings,


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Your cute kitty looks very comfy. I have some Agastache too. The bees do love it. I hope this year it is more full than last, and maybe there will be a few seedlings as well.

Jean said...

I have obviously missed the Agastache bandwagon judging by your post and everyone's comments! I must rectify that this spring. I think it'll do nicely in a couple of spots I have open. Lovely blog by the way!

Kerri said...

I planted Agastache last year (seeds from a German friend) and it didn't bloom. I have no idea if it's perennial in this zone, so am waiting to see if it survived the winter. Sure hope so!
I especially love 'Summer Love'. More plants for my wish list!
I've been enjoying your music :)

Catherine said...

Bluestone Perennials is a fav perennial catalog of mine! And I love Agastache almost as much as the bees!:) Great wish list! You should see how many are on mine!Gracie is a sweetie..gorgeous capture of her! She really does remind me of my Avalanche~ they are so similar in color & markings!!
Another great post Bren!

Sue said...

Hi Bren,
I am trying to catch up with my blog reading. I bought an agastache, I think, Blue Bee or Bee Blue last year. I also had one that had self sown from some time in the past. I am finding that things come up that I'd grown in other seasons than the previous one.

I enjoyed your pics, including your cat.