Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Morning

Photos from my morning walk by the pond. The sunshine today was just wonderful but don't let it fool you because it was still very cold.

The cold didn't seem to bother the cats as they rolled around in the sand and played on the landscape rocks around the frozen pond. I have one little kitty that is going to learn a lesson the hard way. He keeps walking on the ice that can't be more then 3 inches thick. We lost a kitten a few years ago when he feel through the ice. Very sad..... I don't know how to keep them off of it.

This is my husbands favorite photo from today. It is Smokie kitty enjoying the deck and the morning sun near the frozen pond. I am hoping it stays cold for the month of January so we can enjoy some fun time on the ice!

Happy Monday!


Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Your cats are so cute!


joey said...

Your pond is most inviting, Bren. Love morning walks ... how lucky you are to have beauty so near.