Monday, January 12, 2009

Flakes of Snow

In this blog it was hard to decide on which photos I wanted to feature. I decided to over load you with these wonderful winter shots from the weekend. I can't believe it was only a high of 20* this weekend and I was out walking about in the woods. I know I was out there for more then an hour. I can't believe I wasn't freezing. I felt find and could have stayed out longer. I think this was because there were millions of photo opportunities in each direction I turned.

This photo of the little snow flake on the end of the weeping willow branch is my all time favorite. Or at least till round two of the snow fall we are expecting later in the week.

If you look close you can see the snow flakes on Seymore as he waits for a birdie to come by near the birdhouse. This little kitty is the nicest little kitty ever!!!!

I had to include the snow flakes.... this photo is amazing to me! The flakes look like pieces of glitter from my craft box.

Why do the snow flakes stick to the bottom of the leaves?

Ornamental grass loaded with natures dandruff.

To end this entry with a collage of my favorite summer time garden flowers. On the left is the sedum heads that are dried and left in the garden. The top right photo is the bloom pieces that are left for the fall on the Smoke Tree. I loved the pine so much I added it to this collage as well.

Looking at all these snow flakes that I tried to capture it is hard to believe that each snow flake is different.

Happy Winter - I hope to blog some REDS tomorrow.


Lucy said...

these are absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome photographer besides your many other talents!! Dee (from SP)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, Bren! Thanks for your visit, and I'm glad to have found your blog as well. I'll be back!

joey said...

Dear Bren, all are stunning photos yet I can see why the little snow flake on the end of the weeping willow branch is your favorite ... it grabbed my heart also :) Hold on ... winter soon will pass ... in the meantime, you are much like I am, and extract the gift of the day! Hugs dear friend.

Catherine said...

Wow! Your photos are fantastic! They are all beautiful Winter captures! I really love the first shot! We are experience the cold weather here in Va. but have had little snow :(
I'm so glad you came by my blog for a visit, I look forward to more of your beautiful captures and seeing your Garden in the Spring and Summer!
Keep Warm! And Happy New Year!

Catherine said...

Hello again Bren!
I forgot to mention how much your Seymore looks like our Avalanche!:)