Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Bloom " Tuesday

While outside the other day taking photos of the snow I noticed my magnoila tree had buds on it. This can't be good due to the fact that we are only n our second month of winter. I don't remember the tree having buds this early in the season. It has been so bitter cold and more snow is on the way tonight. We will see what Old Man Winter has in mind for my poor ornamental tree.

My search for seed is going well. I have yet to receive any of the catalogs I requested last week when the search began. I did notice at Home Depot today there were some great selections by Burpee already on the shelve. I noticed last year they had this new Burpee Select collection that was filled with many designer annuals. Maybe I will continue to help the economy in my area and buy seeds locally.

I have been side tracked with my photos in PHOTOSHOP doing scrapbooking. Sorry for my lack of entries. I promise to get a few new entries up before the end of the week.

Stay Warm and Happy 'Bloom' Tuesday.

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The Army of Four said...

It almost looks fuzzy - like a pussy willow! Our weather has been so up and down, I don't know WHAT Spring will bring!