Sunday, December 28, 2008

Missing my Picket Fence and Roses

Collection from my 1st Garden

I recently received and email from my Aunt Millie and it made me think of the wonderful rose bush clipping she gave me years ago. It was a beautiful addition to my garden when we lived in town. Looking through my collection of photos I realize how much I miss my picket fences and window boxes. It is also fun to look at how my garden and photography skills have improved.
In the late fall my husband was able to dig up a portion of the main root to that rose bush I was given years ago. I am hoping it takes root because I have never moved an older rose like this one. I am hoping it survives the winter and it takes off like it did in town. Thank you Aunt Millie!


Pam/Digging said...

I miss my fence and roses from my old garden too, Bren. We'll have to make new hardscaping and plant new lovelies in our new places, won't we? Happy New Year in your new garden.

Roses and Lilacs said...

There is something about picket fences and roses. They just seem to go together. Good luck with your Aunt Millie's rose.

joey said...

Good luck, Bren ... your roses are stunning. I can see why you miss them draping over the charming picket fence, a lovely photo, dear gardening friend.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful roses ! Your doing a great job . Millie is my sister-in-law . My name is Julie .
Keep up the good work .