Monday, December 29, 2008

More Sweets

I am getting better at close up shots with my new Finepix Fuji camera my hubby got me for my birthday in early December. It is a simple digital camera. Nothing like my Nikon N90 (35 mm) that I can interchange lenses. This digital is perfect for those quick every day shots.

Here are a few more close ups from more of my gingerbread collection. These little friends are hanging on my ornamental pine that was in my kitchen window for a short time over the holiday. I thought it would be fun to put this collage together to share with my garden friends.

We are getting a little tease from old man winter in my neck of the woods. He is wondered up north and let those wonderful warm Southern winds grace our neck of the woods these past few days. I was able to walk about the trails and the garden this afternoon with just a light jacket on. I am anxious for Garden season 2009. I hope to start sharing with you in early January all the new annuals we will be growing this year. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. I need to take a breath and relax because you know Mr. Winter will be back. You know he is going to extend his stay like last year..... I just know it! Thank God for the warm greenhouse that I will be hiding in come late March when we are longing for the tulips to bloom.


As I was viewing the photos I took the other day I noticed just about everyone of our farm cats that were up to eat while I was taking photos was licking there chops. I think it is the Italians who belch if the food was good and that is a compliment?! Well, I guess the kitty licking is a compliment to the chef as well!

The Happy Farm Cats!

I had to share this next photo because it is amazing to me what a difference a week makes. Only in my neck of the woods. These is some crazy weather we are welcoming. Hope it stays for the New Years Eve celebration so we can enjoy the fireworks!
Out on the pond patio - ice one week and spring like the next!


Jeannelle said...

You have a lovely blog! I like the photo collages here on this post. I need to learn how to do something like that. The kitty collection is darling!

You sound like a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable gardener!

Thank you for visiting my blog, too!

Jen's Journey said...

Oh these are GREAT!!! I too am looking forward to the 09 season! Your land is so beautiful!!

Your kitty's are so precious - they look HUNGRY! LOL!

Thank you for once again sharing your beautiful world with us!

Heidi said...

Amazing! You take such great photos!