Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holiday Collections

The photo above are random shots from one of my favorite Mom & Pop Greenhouses not far from our home. We loaded up the kids and headed east while the sun was still shining and there was just a hint of cooler weather in the air. I made some yummy hot cocoa in thermos cups for the kids to enjoy. This really made the trip feel more like the holidays. During the winter months this Greenhouse converts the greenhouse into a beautiful winter wonderland. Something about the ride along the river through those cute little farm towns gives me wonderful peace. Maybe it is the friendly people or just living life simple. Praise God for America!

One of my favorite trees where decorated with birds nest and dried flowers. I am dreaming of our tree and getting ideas for this year. I hope to till the biggest tree in our home with bird houses and natural dried flowers from the garden 2008. I had to share a photo of the John Deere Christmas tree all in Yellow. WOW... Crazy! It sure was an attention getter for the younger shoppers.
This is the natural tree I admired filled with birds nest and dried flowers.

Looking forward to this season by remembering the Christmas Past.

From the live garland on the mantel to my Cookie Exchange with dear Friends. I am very excited to look to the upcoming events in the next few months. Not to rush things... I still have to find the farm I am going to get my Thanksgiving turkey from!


Jen's Journey said...

Oh I LOVE this!!! Look at those yummy Christmas treats! :)

Those trees look so lovely, it makes me miss home! We put up our tree yesterday!! I will have Micah take a photo for you!

Thanks for sharing these special photos and memories with us!


Roses and Lilacs said...

What a great idea. I already have bird houses and pine cones. I love the idea of bird things on the tree.

joey said...

Lovely photos in these posts, Bren. I too will look forward to a luncheon and cookie exchange with same group of dear friends ... our 22nd year!