Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Blooms' from Summer 08

I know we are only into the first month of Autumn in my neck of the woods but these photos are worth sharing. I am going to share some photos from the past for my bloom Tuesday this afternoon rather then using the new blooms in my yard today. I found these images while doing some file arranging on the back-up files. Some how these images got placed into a 'temp' file and not where they belong. I am guessing my dear hubby clicked them into this file not knowing they were on the download he was doing. Remembering these images quit well because it was one of the few days we actually got a nice rain. In fact, on this same day we had a rainbow appear over our home.

Sedum starting to change because of the dry weather we were having in late August. The bottom images are Agastache Color Spires - Pink.

I am super excited to read the tag on the Agastache because there is hope it might come back up next year. I am hoping it will survive my zone 5 because it says the plant is hardy to -5. THis flower provides flower spikes on well-branched plants; tolerates heat and drought very well

• Birds
• Butterflies
• Deadheading Not Necessary
• Drought Tolerant *
• Fragrant Foliage
• Heat Tolerant
• Hummingbirds
• Landscape Plant
• Native to Americas

*Even drought tolerant annual and perennial plants will need water for the first few weeks while they get established. Shrubs and trees will need to be watered for the first year after they are planted. After this, little or no supplemental water will be necessary when planted in the ground. No plant is truly drought tolerant in a container; water is necessary for all plants in containers. I used it in right in the ground behind some thyme walkway to provide color all summer. Must to my surprise and delight it is STILL blooming in early October. Of course we have not received a hard frost yet this fall.

These photos are todays blooms on the Agastache - color spires / pink


I had to add this photo of my Tom Cat - Oppie. It best describes the mood of the day. Sleep tight Oppie because it sure does feel like a long nice nap kind of day in our little piece of heaven on Earth!

Happy Gardening

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