Friday, July 18, 2008

The Veggies are Growing!

The collection above was taken yesterday of my Veggie Garden area. I am excited to be pulling out a few small grape tomatoes and cucumbers! I did pull a nice zucchini a few days ago and enjoyed the in a stir fry. I am guessing it has been too wet and now too hot for the squash plants to produce.

In the TOP / LEFT and BOTTOM / RIGHT photos of the collage my trellis with the cardinal climber vine and my cucumbers are featured. I love this look that I am trying to pull together. My thoughts in the beginning of the year were to create something that will hold color even after the veggie is done later in the year. Cucumbers are one of the first to die and look 'ratty' till the fall till under occurs!

The Photo on the BOTTOM / RIGHT is my dried flower bed. I need to harvest those flowers today to hang in the my shed so I can make arrangement out of them in the fall. I really need to look into some new flowers that can use for drying to add to my collection.

Happy Gardening Friends!

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Sprittibee said...

Your garden looks great! Mine is much smaller and we are in Zone 8/9 (on the border) where it is extremely hot - in the 90's all last week. I'm spending so much in water that it would be cheaper to go buy the produce! But it is very fun. I'll be updating my blog with garden photos this week! Hope you'll stop back by. Thanks for visiting and for your kind comments!