Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Veggie Garden - Week 2

It is hard to believe when I started up the tiller this morning to clean up the new sprouts of grass and weeds that are growing in between the rows of perky veggie that it has only been a few weeks since I planted the veggies. When I first put the starter plants in from the greenhouse I was worried that everything would be late this season. Like most of the farmers in my area we were about 2 weeks late compared to previous years. I am happy to report I have zucchini and tomatoes! They are not ready to be harvest yet but they show NO SIGNS of being behind schedule.

This photo shows my cucumbers that are climbing the simple trellis mixed with a cardinal climber annual. I am hoping the annual will keep blooming well after the cucumber vine is done. The zuccinni plants are in the front row.

Established bushes and lillies are in the flower bed in front of the veggie bed. A friend of mine suggested growing a row of lillies in the first row of the garden to mask off the dying veggie plants later in the season.


My 'raised' dried flower bed. I have had just about EVERYTHING in this bed in the front of the veggie bed. It is early in the season but I think this may just be my favorite year. I use these dried flowers in arrangements at Christmas time on my family room tree.

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For additional color in the garden I add marigolds under the cages of tomato plants. I also believe this helsp keep the bugs off the fruit.

I hope to have inspired you to share something creative from your garden.

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