Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer - Already???


What a difference a few days makes in the garden. Happy To report Positive news in the garden and the heat issues we are facing these past few days in the first week of June.
We are worried about crops because it has gone from winter to summer very soon. Not good for the berries that we are waiting to harvest. The heat lovers like Lantana and Coleus are loving the warm humid weather. Here is a preview of what was going on yesterday in my garden.

The first photo is a new coleus featured by PW. Shot up close of my Cloud Tree - I just love it's interesting texture! Not so happy with the puffs of seed that will be falling soon.

This fabulous light blue Iris is one I brought from our first home. It seems to enjoy being paired up with the Cat Nip in my Master Bedroom garden. Can you see the rain drops on the flower. I am blessed that the rain / wind didn't take these lanky flowers down.

Clematis are wonderful additions to any garden. The purple bloomer is a shade / sun lover who only reaches about 3 feet tall on the trellis. The one I am standing next to ( white - Large BLOOMS) is reaching close to 8 feet and needs a new pole to climb! This is truly my SHOW STOPPER this June.

My MUD HOLE! 6/5

The photo above is work in progress. I wanted to share with you the layout of one of the new stone pathways that will be going in this month. Rain has delayed the work for a few days but I look forward to sharing with you the progress.

Enjoy the Garden!

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joey said...

You are too cute! Don't know which is lovelier ... you or your clematis :)