Monday, June 30, 2008

Night Light - New Patio

Doing double time to get the new patio near the pond garden complete before guest start arriving on Thursday. I am think tonight might be an all niter for the crew. I am excited to see the progress they have made and the stone selection is exciting. I love the texture and the earth tone colors. Those colors play off so nice with the large ornamental grasses around the new patio.

One of my favorite grasses with the new stone trim. 6/30

Work in the evening with large spot lights with hopes of completing tonight.

While outside taking photos of the work going on I also took some shots of the garden at night. It is amazing to me how I can NEVER capture the same feel of the soft lighting with my camera. After doing some quick editing with Picasa Program this is about as close as I can get.

Moving my fiber hanging containers out to the Gazebo did wonders. The color and growth on these pots are amazing!

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