Friday, June 13, 2008

Rainy Day SUM-UP

Rain Rain - Go Away?!
Today is a rain day and I am enjoying some cool off time inside organizing the many photos I have taken in the past weeks. This season I have taken over 1,000 photos o the garden alone. What would I do with out my FUJI? I will spend most of this afternoon remembering the Spring that passed by extremely fast trying to enjoying it one last time before diving into Summer. Being able to share the month in the garden with photos is the best thing about having a blog. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and ideas from my Midwest garden. I trust that you will be kind in return and leave a comment on my page.

June 4th SUM-UP Collection

The first week of June brought fun in the barn with the birth of 5 new Netherland Dwarf kits. Large white blooms were the highlight of many photos during this week thanks to the 5 year old Clematis climber that has been growing near the front entrance of our home. The first week of June also found me rushing to get new Shrubs planted before the heat set in with hopes they would get established sooner. I planted four new Rosa-Sharon bushes and a Lime Light.

June 5h SUM-UP Collection

The June 5th collage reminds us of the wonderful container daisies (PW'sw)that were in bloom gently reminding us that they need to have some food soon if you want to continue to see them bloom!
Princess Grace Kitty followed us around the garden this afternoon posing perfect as always for a nice photography.
The Stone Walkway project near the new garden room addition was well under way. The next few days brought rain and turned it into a mud hole.

All about the LEAF on June 7th

June 7th photos show the wonderful color I so adore that is provided by the LEAVES in this summers collection. I am forecasting the new collection of Colleus (PW)will be my favorite this year. At evening I captured this photo of Smokie Kitten spying on me as I pulled a few unwanted herbs that popped up in the pathway to the breezeway. I can't believe he sat there long enough for me to go get the camera.

June 9th SUM-UP Looks like summer is HERE!

In this collage taken on June 9th it is clearly showing summer is here in the Midwest. The color is just poppin' in the water garden, the containers and the veggie garden. I think my favorite photo from this day was the water lily. I also got a wonderful display of wild red roses out near the entrance driveway from a bush I spent two years pampering with hopes of rescuing. The work payed off and it is a wonderful asset to that garden.

The birds are beginning to sing as the afternoon heats up before another down pour. Great time to get outside and do some additional weeding while the grass is wet.

Happy Garden Wishes from my home to yours!

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Cirilo said...

I must thank the good that your BG_garden blog makes me feel reading it, Thank you, I love the glog´s new look.