Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friends in my Garden

On my way IN from a quick weeding job in my veggie garden I stopped to enjoy the quiet rain and my friends who following me every where in the garden. Not bothered by the soft falling rain that became some what hard at times, these little kittens kept on playing and chasing each other under the hosta leaves that are under the big oak tree.




My faithful dog Olivia shows off her 'baby' letting the kittens know they better not try and take her toy! Olivia got this dog toy as gift during the Christmas holiday and showed NO interest in it what so ever. It wasn't until I put it in her cage last week while cleaning the garage that she now carries the toy every where with her. Funny how that works.
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Well the rain has slowed down and the bird are singing again near my window. I am gonna head out and enjoy some more time in the garden.

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