Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

In Memory of my Father - Who is missed greatly every day.

My Dad was always filled with laughter and love. He was rarely seen with a frown on his face. He is missed greatly here on earth but thoughts of seeing him someday up in heaven makes the soar go away. I know he is with my Mother enjoying this day in the ultimate Garden called Heaven.

Happy Fathers Day Dad


Jen said...

You have me in tears. What a beautiful tribute and photo for you Father - he is looking down from heaven and is so proud of the beautiful, strong, amazing woman you have become! Just think someday we will all be in that ultimate garden together!

Lucy said...

Hello, what a beautiful picture...isn't it wonderful how flowers and nature can express much deeper things for us? Thanks so much for visiting my blog - I love yours and will be back to read more!


joey said...

Bren ... you are a dear and my thoughts are with you with your heartfelt tribute. My soul is near yours regarding our parents and what gives us substance to live life, as they wished. Hugs ...

ldybug said...

cute blog and great photos!

Gisela said...

Wonderful pictures..
Bren thank you for all your visits and comments.
Father's day to remember all our father's who have passed away a long time ago.
Beautiful picture..
- Cheers from Canada.