Friday, June 13, 2008

End of May SUM-UP

May - Passed by without saying 'Good-Bye'.

Where did the Spring go? I am not going to sit here on this raining Friday morning and pout about the quick change of seasons we had this year. Instead I am going to share with you some wonderful memories from the May garden from photos.

* The kittens we rescued at growing bigger each day. All three of them are extremely tame and enjoy to around people tremendously. Little Smokie is pictured on my collage for the month of May.

* Seeds - Seeds - and More Seeds. I blogged about the different seed collections I added to the established garden beds. I still have a few packs of cosmos, zinnia and sunflowers to add to the garden. My plans are to add them to the veggie garden area so we can enjoy cut flowers late in the summer season.

* Containers were potted and then re-potted after the 90 mile winds we had last Monday. Thankful everyone was safe and THANKFUL the gazebo that housed most of the containers was able to be rebuilt in such quick time.

Many blessings in the month of May. I hope you enjoy the photos I choose to share with you.

Happy Gardening!

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