Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rhubarb Mixes with Dried Flower Arrangement Planting

Hard to believe that it is time to get out the additional Red, White and Blue to celebrate Memorial Day already. Where did the month of May go? I am sure if you are reading this blog you are a busy little bee gardener like myself who has been spending most of their time out in the yard or greenhouse and saving rainy days for internet work. It is not raining today but I felt the need to do some blogging about my garden.

The photo to the left is a group of pictures from the work I was doing in my raised bed last evening. This area was built for rhubarb that was added about four years ago. I learned the second year it was in that spot that It was NOT a good location. The rhubarb prefers to be in a location next to a structure. This bed is located out in my veggie garden with the closest 'structures' being the Evergreens that are huddled around the garden area. I have it on my list this fall to MOVE the rhubarb to the barn area where it will be near some wonderful grape vine - trellis work.
Here is a wonderful site filled with rhubarb info:

This year I decided to hide the not so well rhubarb with my dried flower collection. I worked up this wonderful soil adding about 25 pounds of good Potting soil and the flowers starts listed below:

*Strawflowers - Chico Mix
*Gomphrena - woodcreek Red
*Statice - yellow / White / Red / Blue
* Ageratum - Blue Horizon

Each Christmas season I enjoy putting together a Bird / Birdhhouse Christmas Tree with Dried Flower arrangements. These flowers will be used in this tree.

After all the planting, I add pine needles from the trees about 30 feet away as mulch. This has worked wonderfully in the past. I then water as needed. These flowers like it dry so this location is PERFECT!

Enjoy your day and Happy Gardening!

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Vonavie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wish I could say I've been busy gardening. But instead its been the mom's May month at school. Whew, its over! The kids get out of school tomorrow. So I've been at honors programs, field days, luaus, spring programs, home on the range programs... I've had at least one thing at the school every day for the past two weeks. Then often the kids get "free checkouts" so we do something special after that. Needless to say there is lots left neglected in my yard! But I'll have lots of helpers to get caught up on Friday :-)