Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Morning - Container Update

  Sunshine Terra Cotta filled with new SUN GOLD lantana ( 10") and some other wonderful pairing annuals.

This is the morning welcome from the blue blooms on the Speedwell and the Red in the Gaura Perennial near my front door.
Wonderful morning here in the midwest garden to enjoy a hot cup of Java as the toads do their morning song. We have a new toad in the pond that I will try and get a photo of this weekend.

The photo above is my fiber hanging cone which I planted with begonia ( apricot pink) and Glacier Ivy. I decided to try shade / sun annuals this year after two years of not such good luck with the sun loving annuals. Even though the front of my home is mostly sun, the porch over hang provides just enough sun to add shade plants in hangers. Looking forward to a successful year with these even though I am not sure I choose the right shade of orange for the begonia.

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This last photo is some strepto annual which were planted in plastic hanging bags. These bags were introduced to our greenhouse about 6 years ago. BIG SELLER! Later in the summer you will see why they are loved. They last FOREVER, Easy care and they are easy to hang!

Enjoy your day - Happy Gardening!

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