Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Bloom Tuesday!

One of my favorite blogs does a BLOOM TUESDAY every week. Above photo is my favorite this morning. The weeping willow has it's yellow buds and the magnoila should be completely open by dinner time. The best part is we might actually be able to enjoy the blooms this year because we are expecting mild temps through the weekend.

Had to add the photo below of the friendly toad that has been hanging around the lily pads that are just starting to peek up out of the extremely cold pond water. The pond size is 1/4 acre / 16 feet deep / kidney shape. Perfect size to maintain and enjoy for our family. Most up keep information is acquired by Inspired By Nature in Wood County.

I look forward to sharing my blooms for the day later this evening. Get out and GROW SOMETHING today. - Happy Earth Day!

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